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What is Pensacola Connect?

Pensacola Connect is the Network for Pensacola, Florida where we can share our tips, tricks, and stories.

Our mission is to be a resource and an aid to the community of Pensacola. We invite all residents, business owners, entrepreneurs, and all who love the area to participate with PensacolaFlorida.com.

To have the ease and accessibility to navigate all that Pensacola has to offer is invaluable. Imagine every resident knowing exactly where to go to find solutions for all their needs right here in their hometown.

We all live here

While there are many, many visitors to our beaches and historic downtown every summer, we live here all year long. Whether Pensacola is your long-time hometown or the new city you’ve moved to, there are still residents who are discovering new amenities, activities, restaurants, etc. every day.

Every year, we have new residents, such as students and military, moving to Pensacola and they have no idea where to find all the places they can go to fit all their needs.

Many businesses see a significant decline in sales and customers after the end of the summer season, and all they want to do is better serve those who live here year-round. We can support and grow our economy while bringing our community closer by showing up together on the same platform.

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